Make Magick Happen

Magical and mystical, the Make Magick Happen collection appeals to seekers, students, and anyone on a journey to understanding. Exquisitely meaningful designs on Spell Charms, Pendants, Treasure Boxes and best selling Pewter Pocket Charms for those who are open to deeper levels of understanding. Great suggestion for the customer who is very intentional about the gifts they buy for others or themselves.

Deva Designs is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Christopher Penczak Spell Charms. Christopher Penczak is a widely known, well respected visionary teacher and leader who shares the timeless wisdom of the ages with all who are willing to listen. 

Made in the USA, 100% lead free, and priced for impulse buying, the Make Magick Happen collection features best-selling items with a  proven track record of delighting customers. Don’t forget about our Stay Sparkling Guarantee. Durable, attractive retail-ready displays mean you can start selling immediately.