Christopher Penczak Spell Charms

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Short description:
Carry a little magick in your pocket. Focus your intentions to create the changes you want and need in your life. Pewter Spell Charms in 15 different intentions.

Carry a little magick in your pocket

Designed by Christopher Penczak, teacher, healing facilitator, and award-winning author, these Spell Charms help you focus your intentions to create the changes you want and need in your life. Each is packaged with an informational booklet describing the coin and its symbols. Coin size 1 3/8".

Item C1: Christopher Penczak Spell Charms Pack. Includes 15 spell charms (1 of each design), plus a metal display stand and header display card.
Item  C2: Christopher Penczak Spell Charms Refill Pack. 15 spell charms.

The Spell Charms:

  • Protection - Defense against Harm
  • Love - Relationship, Romance, and Pleasure
  • Healing - Recovery and Wholeness
  • Prosperity - Wealth and Success
  • Psychic Sight - Intuition and Psychic Power
  • Meditation & Spirit Contact - Clarity of mind to hear the voice of Spirit
  • Career Success - Good fortune in Obtaining, Maintaining & Advancing your Career
  • Safe Travel - Protection when away from Home
  • Magickal Power - Increase Spells, Powers, and Blessings
  • Dreams - Clear, True, Memorable Dreams
  • Creativity - Increase Inspiration & Creative Powers
  • Spiritual Evolution - Soul Growth & Personal Development
  • Grounding - Present in Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Ancient Wisdom - Attunement to Mystic Knowledge
  • Wishes - Fulfilling True Desires of the Soul

What store buyers are saying:
"Love them! They sell beautifully." - L.L.

Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) 2013 Visionary Award Winner: Product of the Year (tie), & Transformational Category