Deluxe Spell Charm Treasure Box

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Short Description:
From popular author, teacher & healer Christopher Penczak. Magic is the power to transform your reality. Spell Scroll included. In 4 styles: Prosperity, Protection, Creativity, & Healing. Choose Retail Pack or by the piece. SRP $28

From popular author, teacher & healer Christopher Penczak. Spell Scroll included. In 4 styles: Prosperity, Protection, Creativity, & Healing. SRP $28

Magic is the power to transform your reality.

Deva Designs is proud to debut the new Deluxe Edition Spell Charm Treasure Boxes. Pocket sized stainless steel case features pewter sigils designed by Christopher Penczak, incorporating symbols of traditional wisdom from around the globe. Each Treasure Box includes a Spell Scroll from Penczak to achieve one of the following intentions:

  • Prosperity
  • Protection
  • Creativity
  • Healing

"They look awesome! Just a quick note to say the boxes look wonderful. I have a Power one on my altar right now and added a Protection one to my traveling & teaching tools."
- Christopher Penczak

These Treasure Boxes help you focus your intentions to create the changes you want and need in your life. Each includes a scroll describing the spell charm, its symbols, and instructions for use. Great for meditation, ritual, and sacred space. They're also a perfect stashbox to hold:

  • A pocket spell, or travel altar
  • A crystal
  • Essential oil vials
  • Aspirin & other necessities
  • Or just because! 

Also fits a standard pocket-sized box of matches! Just remove the birchwood box and insert your cardboard matchbox. The strike area is left open for easy match-lighting. Perfect with candles, incense, cigars, sage bundles, smudge wands, weddings, ceremony, next to the fireplace, and more. 

Presented for retail in a handy counter-top display. Each treasure box includes the stainless steel box with pewter emblem, inner birch wood box, and scroll inside.  Size approximately 1.5"x2". Handcrafted in the USA. 

Item #s:
C16: Spell Charm Treasure Boxes Pack. 12pc (4 styles), plus display and header card.
C17: Refill pack. 12pc
C18: Prosperity - Wealth and Success (symbols of the 12 suns of the year)
C19: Protection - Defense against Harm (pentacle and runes for success and shielding)
C20: Creativity - Increase Inspiration & Creative Powers (moon cycle and vesica pisces)
C21: Magick Power - Increase powers (trident of magick) SOLD OUT 
C22: NEW! Healing - Recovery & Wholeness (symbols of the caduceus and the ankh)

What retailers saying about our Treasure Boxes: 

"OH! That is awesome! What a great idea!"  - M.C.

"OMG….I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! How exciting!" -E.H.

"I need to order a refill pack! They’ve been here only a week, and half have already sold." -M.V.


Silver Award Winner - Visionary Award for Manifestation Products, Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) (2018)

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