Witches' Wisdom

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Short description:
Carry a little magick in your pocket. Designed by Christopher Penczak, with 12 powerful inscriptions of time-tested wisdom. These beautiful pewter rose blessing coins are perfect touchstones of healing & deep magick. Suggested Retail $6.50-$7.99 each

Carry a little magick in your pocket

I'm excited to announce a special new project with Christopher Penczak: Witches' Wisdom! Teacher, healing facilitator, and award-winning author, Christopher Penczak designed these wonderful blessing coins as physical reminders of age-old wisdoms.

Unlike anything else on the market, they're perfect for seekers & dreamers of all kinds. These beautiful talismans remind you of your own magick & power. With 12 powerful inscriptions of time-tested wisdom, they are perfect touchstones of healing & deep magick.  

Item C23: Witches Wisdom Retail Pack. Includes 36 wisdom blessings (12 different inscriptions), plus retail-ready refillable metal display box of durable heavy-duty powder-coated steel.
Item  C24: Witches Wisdom refill. 36pc.
Item C26: Wisdom Bundle. Even More Magickal! Includes Witches Wisdom 36pc Retail Pack with Display, PLUS 6pc Inner Joy Lepidolite Pendulums. 

The 12 Inscriptions:

  • Blessed Be
  • Know Thyself
  • As Above, So Below
  • Desire is Sacred
  • Perfect Love & Perfect Trust
  • All Witches Heal
  • Speak Wisely
  • The Earth is my Temple
  • A Witch is Never Alone
  • I am a Child of Earth & the Starry Heavens
  • The Goddess is Alive
  • Preserve the Mysteries - Reveal them often

Coin size approx 1". Fine American pewter, 100% lead free. Part of our popular Make Magick Happen collection.