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Deva Designs specializes in award-winning original art designed to build inspiration and light in the world, handcrafted in the USA. We offer joyful gifts to inspire you, at prices you and your customers will love. Our products are designed to help you connect with your inspiration, and put you in contact with both the gentleness and strength needed in today's demanding world.


Our 'Stay Sparkling' Guarantee

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Deva Designs in Ireland

Celebrating 30 years of sharing inspiration and joy! Deva Designs was founded in 1990 by Micki Baumann, a leader in the mind-body-spirit marketplace for over twenty years.  Micki’s son Bob Heiney and daughter-in-law Suzie now run Deva Designs, allowing Micki more time to focus on what she loves: designing wonderful new products for you.

Our name 'Deva' takes its inspiration from the ancient word for 'the benevolent shining ones'. These 'shining ones' are known by many different names in traditions all across the world today. This is why we chose this name: It is a connection to the radiance, light, and inspiration we all share.

Each product we make is a reflection of our own beliefs and needs.  For example, Micki created the Charms of Avalon line because she felt the need for particular types of goddess images that would reflect qualities such as love, joy, courage, and abundance, which are important to her own life, and to the lives of all women in our modern world.

One of the driving forces behind our work is our belief that we all need beauty in our lives, and that quality art can be offered at prices we can all afford. We feel blessed to work alongside you to expand light and joy in the world.

Handcrafted in USA

All of Deva Designs pewter and Sterling Silver products are handcrafted in the USA.  After completing the design for a new product line, we search out small businesses to manufacture the designs to our specifications.  Working with small manufacturers, we are able to establish a personal relationship with the people that work on our product lines, and the additional business received from Deva Designs allows these small businesses to expand.

Company Profile

Deva Designs is a family-owned and operated business.  It is devoted to bringing products of beauty and value to the gift, holistic, and Mind-Body-Spirit marketplaces. The company is a member of the Coalition of Visionary Resources which supports both the retail store owner and the wholesale vendor in providing the customer with the products and services needed in this industry. We hope that our products speak to your spirit.

Award Winning

Deva Designs has been honored as 'Vendor of the Year' for five of the last six years, and Deva Designs products have won Product of the Year Visionary Awards (Best in Show) eight times since 2002 – an unprecedented feat! (Awarded by Coalition for Visionary Resources at INATS.) 

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