Witches' Insight Necklaces

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Short description:
Wear a little magick! Designed by Christopher Penczak, with 6 powerful messages inscribed on the back to strengthen your intuition & connect to wisdom. Perfect touchstones of healing & deep magick. Choose Sale Bundle, Pack, or by the pc. SR$20 each

Wear a little magick 

I'm excited to announce a special new project with Christopher Penczak: Witches' Insight Necklaces! Teacher, healing facilitator, and award-winning author, Christopher Penczak designed these wonderful pendants as tangible reminders of magickal wisdom. Each talisman aligns to 1 of 6 powerful intentions: Psychic Eye, Ancestor Wisdom, Angelic Ally, and more.

Ideal for seekers of all kinds, these beautiful new necklaces are a great additional to our super popular Christopher Penczak lines. 

Sales tools to help boost your sales of these beautiful pendants: 

  • Shelf-Talker helps customers find their perfect pendants. Free with all packs. 
  • Customer Info Cards help add-on sales, with additional information so your customers can collect them all. Free upon request.
  • Intro Sale! Save $22 on the 60pc Insight Bundle -- 24pc new necklaces PLUS 36pc Witches Wisdom Blessing Charms.

The 6 Insights:

  • Psychic Eye - Connect to your own deep inner guidance, to strengthen your intuition
  • Ancestor Wisdom - Connect with the wisdom of the ancestors, to aid you on your path
  • Pentacle Magick - Connect to the magick in all things, to unlock answers in your life
  • Angelic Ally - Connect to divine angelic wisdom, for guidance and protection
  • Snake Wisdom - Connect to the wisdom of your body, to read the patterns of your life, for health & happiness
  • Flower of Mystery - Connect to the spirits of Nature, for the wisdom guidance of the heart of the Earth

Item#s & Descriptions
C28B: Insight Bundle.
Save $22! 60pc includes Witches Insight 24pc Pendants Retail Pack with Shelf-talker, PLUS 36pc Witches Wisdom Blessing Charms. 
C28: Witches Insight Retail Pack. Includes 24 pendants (6 different styles), plus retail-ready shelf-talker.
C29: Psychic Eye Necklace 1pc
C30: Ancestor Necklace 1pc
C31: Pentacle Magick Necklace 1pc
C32: Angelic Necklace 1pc
C33: Snake Wisdom Necklace 1pc
C34: Flower of Mystery Necklace 1pc

Pendant size approx 1" wide. Fine American pewter, 100% lead free. Each presented on a Stainless Steel chain (21″). Available in a 24pc retail pack and individually. Part of our popular Make Magick Happen collection.