Moon & Stars

We all share the same sky, and each night have above us heavens populated with the most beautiful sights. Perhaps that’s why customers from coast to coast have responded so enthusiastically to this celestial collection. 

Featuring the sun, stars, and the moon in her many phases, these pewter pocket charms, lovely jewelry, and gorgeous gemstone pendulums have instant appeal to today’s customers who are seeking something different, inspiring and affirming. Retailers tell us that customers of all ages, backgrounds, and identities find these pieces really resonate with them. Fun items to feature during Full Moon sales or for space-themed promotions – great impulse buy to promote during meteor showers, eclipses, planetary alignments and more.

All Deva Design products are 100% lead free. You’ll love the high-quality, substantial feel of our product as well as our retailer-friendly pricing and bundle deals! Attractive, durable retail displays available, and super-fast shipping on all refill orders to help make keeping your customers happy simple.