Spell Charms Pendants

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Short Description:
Wear a little magick: Pendants of our top Spell Charms: Protection, Prosperity, Love, Magickal Power, Healing.

Wear a little magick

By popular demand, our best-selling Spell Charms are now available as pendants! Designed by Christopher Penczak, teacher, healing facilitator, and award-winning author,  these are designed to make magick easy and effective, wherever you are. Pendant size 1.125" wide, handcrafted in the USA of fine pewter. The Display Pack includes our top four styles: Protection, Prosperity, Love, & Magickal Power. The Healing Pendant is also available separately. Each pendant comes carded on a display card.

Item #s:
: Spell Charms Pendants Pack. 16 pendants (4 styles), plus birch-wood easel-style display and header card.
C9: Refill pack. 16 Pendants.
C10: Protection Pendant - Defense against harm
C11: Prosperity Pendant - Wealth and Success
C12: Love Pendant - Relationship, Romance, and Pleasure
C13: Magickal Power Pendant - Increase Spells, Powers, and Blessings
C14: Healing Pendant - Recovery, Health, and Wholeness

What store buyers are saying: 

"I'm so excited! I've been waiting for this!" - M.M. in Georgia

"I just saw your postcard announcing these. They're awesome!" -C.G. in Nevada