Traveling Magick

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Short Description:
Pocket-sized tools for on-the-go magick. Carry the blessings of magickal tools with you. Pewter coins perfect for a travel altar, as a focus for your magickal work, and for divination.

Pocket-sized tools for on-the-go magick

Carry the blessings of magickal tools with you. Perfect for a travel altar, as a focus for your magickal work, and also for divination. Designed by Christopher Penczak, teacher, healing facilitator, and award-winning author. Each is packaged with an informational booklet describing the coin and its symbols. Coin size 1 3/8".

Item C6: Traveling Magick Pack. Includes 15 pocket charms (15 styles), plus a metal display stand and header display card.
Item  C7: Traveling Magick Refill. 15 pocket charms.
Item SU6: Black velvet pouches, approx. 3"x4", 10pc, to merchandise with Traveling Magick.

The Traveling Magick coins:

  • Broom - Cleansing, Home, Journey, Spirit Contact, Protection, Purity, Intuition
  • Blade - Air, Truth, Life, Communication, Clarity
  • Wand - Fire, Will, Light, Passion, Power
  • Pentacle -  Earth, Sovereignty, Law, Protection, Prosperity
  • Chalice - Water, Compassion, Love, Rejuvenation, Healing
  • Cauldron - Spirit, Regeneration, Inspiration, Abundance, Initiation
  • Staff - Fire, Journey, Teaching, Illumination
  • Cords - Trance, Sacrifice, Restriction, Vision, Surrender
  • Sickle - Harvest, Separation, Offering, Endings, Mystery
  • Mirror - Psychic Vision, Third eye, Past-Present-Future, Gateway
  • Medicine Bag - Healing, Magick, Blessings, Secrets, Community
  • Scourge - Trials & Testing, Purification, Pain, Preparation, Destruction
  • Horn - Inspiration, Offering, Exchange, Celebration, Sustainment
  • Urn - Fire, Death, Rebirth, Transformation, Letting Go
  • Mortar & Pestle - Creativity, Conjunction, Healing, Blessing, Harmony

If a particular coin is out of stock, we will substitute the top seller, the pentacle. 

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"I just saw your postcard announcing these. They're awesome!" -C.G.  

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