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SAVE $50 BUNDLE SALE! Wear a blessing: Natural gemstones & powerful inscriptions. 4 NEW designs -For Everyone! Choose ABN 12pc for 4 New styles, ABP/R 18pc for 6 original/women styles, ABA 30pc for All styles, details below. SRP $30ea

Wear a blessing on your path. Natural gemstones and powerful inscriptions.

Four NEW designs! Expands our super popular 'Avalon Blessings' collection with new designs, for everyone! Choose ABN 12pc for 4 New styles, ABP/R 18pc for 6 original/women styles, ABA 30pc Bundle for All styles, details below. SRP $30ea

Our original 'Avalon Blessings' series is our best-selling jewelry collection overall. Over the years, we've had tons of requests to expand the series beyond only women. Great news: The wait is over. All four new designs are for everyone! The 4 new styles are:

  • Blessings To This Person – Nature, with Labradorite (item#AB8)
  • Protect This Person – Celtic knots, with Smoky Quartz or Carnelian (item#AB9)
  • Clarity To This Person – Sunlight, with golden Rutilated Quartz (item#AB10)
  • Abundance To This Person – Oak & Acorns, with Amber or Aventurine (item#AB11)

These are the perfect talisman to invoke good things for your customers. Pendant size 1.2" wide, natural gemstones set in fine pewter, handcrafted in USA. Each presented on a gorgeous stainless steel chain.

Item #s:

ABA: *All* Blessings Bundle. 30 pendants (10 styles: 4 new for everyone, plus 6 original for women).
New* Blessings Pack. 12 pendants (the 4 new styles for everyone).
ABP: Original Avalon Blessings Pack. 18 pendants (the 6 styles for women), plus display.
ABR: Original Avalon Blessings Refill. 18 Pendants (for women).
AB8 Blessings To This PersonLabradorite, with all of Nature for blessings
AB9 Protect This PersonCarnelian or Smoky Quartz, with celtic knots for protection
AB10 Clarity To This PersonGolden Rutilated Quartz, with sunlight for clarity 
AB11 Abundance To This PersonAmber or Aventurine, with Oak & Acorns for abundance

AB1 Joy To  This Woman– Rose Quartz, with the Crescent Moon Goddess for joy
AB2 Bless This Woman – Sodalite, with the Nile Goddess for blessing
AB3Protect This Woman – Amethyst, with the Wolf for protection
AB5 Courage To This WomanTiger Eye, with the Dragon for courage
AB6 Healing To This Woman – Amazonite, Aventurine, or Diopside, with the Lotus Blossom for healing
AB7 Peace To This Woman – Labradorite or Moonstone, with the Moon for peace

What store buyers are saying: 

"Oh, my Goddess! The response! Once again you have done it. People LOVE your new line. I just put a check in the mail for you. Here is my re-order. Thanks so much for blessing our world." - M.M. in Georgia

"These are gorgeous! I love them. They are awesome. Love, love, love." - C.O. in Nebraska  

As featured in Gift Shop Magazine! "Editor's Picks. Stay Home Comfort: Editor-in-chief Julie McCallum shares a few of her favorite products that make quarantining at home a little more relaxing, productive and fun." --Gift Shop Magazine, Spring 2020

Protect This Woman Pendant featured in Gift Shop Magazine Gift Shop Magazine features Protect This Woman 

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