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Short Description:
Wear a blessing pendant: Natural gemstones & powerful inscriptions. 4 NEW designs -For Everyone! Choose ABN 12pc for 4 New styles, ABP/R 18pc for 6 original/women styles, ABA 30pc Bundle for All styles, details below. SRP $30ea

Wear a blessing on your path. Natural gemstones and powerful inscriptions.

Four NEW designs! Expands our super popular 'Avalon Blessings' collection with new designs, for everyone! Choose ABN 12pc for 4 New styles, ABP/R 18pc for 6 original/women styles, ABA 30pc Bundle for All styles, details below. SRP $30ea

Our original 'Avalon Blessings' series is our best-selling jewelry collection overall. Over the years, we've had tons of requests to expand the series beyond only women. Great news: The wait is over. All four new designs are for everyone! The 4 new styles are:

  • Blessings To This Person – Nature, with Labradorite (item#AB8)
  • Protect This Person – Celtic knots, with Carnelian or Moonstone (item#AB9)
  • Clarity To This Person – Sunlight, with golden Rutilated Quartz (item#AB10)
  • Abundance To This Person – Oak & Acorns, with Aventurine (item#AB11)

These are the perfect talisman to invoke good things for your customers. Pendant size 1.2" wide, natural gemstones set in fine pewter, handcrafted in USA. Each presented on a gorgeous stainless steel chain.

Item #s:

ABA: New! *All* Blessings Bundle. 30 pendants (10 styles: 4 new for everyone, plus 6 original for women).
ABN: New!
*New* Blessings Pack. 12 pendants (the 4 new styles for everyone).
ABP: Original Avalon Blessings Pack. 18 pendants (the 6 styles for women), plus display.
ABR: Original Avalon Blessings Refill. 18 Pendants (for women).
AB8 New! Blessings To This PersonLabradorite, with all of Nature for blessings
AB9 New! Protect This PersonCarnelian - or - Moonstone, with celtic knots for protection
AB10 New! Clarity To This PersonGolden Rutilated Quartz, with sunlight for clarity 
AB11 New! Abundance To This PersonAventurine, with Oak & Acorns for abundance

AB1 Joy To  This Woman– Rose Quartz, with the Crescent Moon Goddess for joy
AB2 Bless This Woman – Sodalite, with the Nile Goddess for blessing
AB3 Protect This Woman – Amethyst, with the Wolf for protection
AB5 Courage To This WomanTiger Eye, with the Dragon for courage
AB6 Healing To This Woman – Amazonite, Aventurine, or Diopside, with the Lotus Blossom for healing
AB7 Peace To This Woman – Labradorite, with the Moon for peace

What store buyers are saying: 

"Oh, my Goddess! The response! Once again you have done it. People LOVE your new line. I just put a check in the mail for you. Here is my re-order. Thanks so much for blessing our world." - M.M. in Georgia

"These are gorgeous! I love them. They are awesome. Love, love, love." - C.O. in Nebraska  

As featured in Gift Shop Magazine! "Editor's Picks. Stay Home Comfort: Editor-in-chief Julie McCallum shares a few of her favorite products that make quarantining at home a little more relaxing, productive and fun." --Gift Shop Magazine, Spring 2020

Protect This Woman Pendant featured in Gift Shop Magazine Gift Shop Magazine features Protect This Woman 

Eternal Images by Deva Designs

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