Elementals Necklaces

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Choose Your Elements, Choose Your Energy -- Beautiful new necklaces for the 4 Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. *Available by sale bundle, pack, and by the piece, details below. Sugg.Retail $20ea

Elementals Necklaces

Beautiful new necklaces for each of the 4 traditional elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Evoke the spirit and energy of the elements as you wear these new and stunning original creations. 

Save with Bundles!

   Element Pendants by Deva Designs Blessings Gemstone Necklaces by Deva Designs Charms of Avalon by Deva Designs

#GP7S - Super Bundle - 60pc includes 16pc Elementals + 12pc Blessings Gemstone Necklaces + 32pc Charms of Avalon 
#GP7SD - Add the display box for Charms of Avalon 
#GP7B - Pendants Bundle- 28pc includes 16pc Elementals + 12pc Blessings Gemstone Necklaces 
- Elementals Pack - 16pc Elementals Necklaces (4 styles) 
#GP8 - Earth Necklace
#GP9 - Air Necklace
#GP10 - Fire Necklace
#GP11 - Water Necklace

The Elementals and the energies they embody are:

  • Earth - Prosperity. Strength. Abundance. The energy of growing, flourishing, groundedness, stability, and creation.
  • Air - Insight. Freedom. Inspiration. The energy of wisdom, knowledge, and perspective.
  • Fire - Courage. Action. Spark. The energy of will, life, and transformation.
  • Water - Flow. Intuition. Healing. The energy of movement, emotions, and source. 

Pendant size 2" tall, fine American pewter, proudly handcrafted in USA. Each presented on a stainless steel chain (21″). Available in a 16pc retail pack and individually. 

What store buyers are saying: 

"Oh, my Goddess! They are BEAUTIFUL! Love them! Can’t wait!"  -M.M. 

"Ooooooh, so pretty!! BUYING THEM!!! :D" -H.N. 

"Wow, I really love them! They look so artistic!!!" -C.O. 

"Those are stunning!!!!" -E.H.