Viking Spirit Necklaces

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Short Description:
High Demand Viking Gear! Striking Pendants with intricate Norse designs. Suggested Retail Price $20 each

Viking Spirit: High demand Viking gear! Beautiful necklaces inspired by Norse & Scandinavian designs.  

Includes Stainless Steel chain.  Size approx 1" tall.  Lead free pewter - Made in USA. Stylish for men and women.

Item #s: 

R6P: Viking Spirit. 24pc Necklaces pack
CT4: Thor's Hammer - Our striking version of Mjolnir
R3: Wayfinder - Traditional Icelandic Vegvisir 'Viking Compass' sigil for Protection & Guidance. Inscription: May you never lose your way, in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known. 
R1: Resilience - Our reversible bindrune necklace for Strength, Protection, Resilience, & Victory. 
CT9: Tree of Life - Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Inscription: Not all who wander are lost. 
CT15: Raven - In Norse mythology, Odin's ravens Huginn & Muninn are 'thought' & 'memory'. Inscription: Speak your truth
CT18: Wolf - Inscription: Live Bold. Trust your instincts.