Big Keyrings Bundle 50pc

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Short Description:
Journey well! A whopping 50pc pewter keychains retail pack, with popular mystic, Celtic, & Norse designs. Add the display just $10 more. Suggested Retail $10-$14 each.

Journey Well! 50pc Key Rings in assorted styles. 

Our popular and easy to sell keychains, now in a bundle! A 50pc assortment of our three collections: 

  • Mystic -- Moon, Star, Labyrinth, Tree of Life, & Heart
  • Viking / Norse -- Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir), Wayfinder (Vegvisir Viking Compass), and Resilience Bindrune.
  • Goddess -- Spiral Goddess, Journey Well Goddess, and Classic (Nile) Goddess

All pieces are lead free pewter on steel rings, and are made in USA.

Item PW143: Keychains Bundle.  Includes an assortment of 50 pewter keyrings, 1-1½"h not incl ring.
Item PW143D: Add the Display. Add the ceramic 5"x8½" tray for display.