Moon & Stars Blessings

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Short Description:
Carry a blessing to brighten your path. Celestial charms with 12 magical & empowering sayings to shine a light in the dark. Suggested Retail $6.50-$7.99 each

Carry a blessing to brighten your path

With the big success of the Sun, Moon & Stars Pendants, we're pleased to announce the new Moon & Stars Blessings. And a sale bundle that's just perfect to add a little celestial magic to your store. Your customers will love them.

Twelve magical & empowering sayings to shine a light in the dark:

  • May you see the beauty of your own soul in all you do
  • May you celebrate yourself
  • May the blessings of the moon and stars light your path
  • May the light always find you, even on the darkest night
  • May wonder and beauty fill your heart
  • May you light the way
  • May the Moon and Stars shine their healing light on you
  • May your heart be a light of love and understanding
  • May you always remember, you are never alone
  • May you follow your heart and believe in your dreams
  • May you shine brightly even when no one sees
  • May the road always lead where you need to be

Item #s:

SB: Stargazers Bundle. 61pc includes: 36pc Moon & Stars Blessings & 1 Display, AND 24pc bestselling Sun, Moon & Stars Pendants (SMR).
PW127: Moon & Stars Blessings Retail Pack. 36pc plus 1 retail-ready refillable metal display box of heavy-duty powder-coated steel.
PW128: Refill pack. 36pc.

Size 1" wide, fine American pewter, Proudly Handcrafted in USA.  

Coalition of Visionary Resources’ Visionary Award Winner: Silver Winner, Wisdom Products