Goddess Wisdom (Too!)

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Short Description:
Carry a message of wisdom as you walk your life’s path. Goddess charms with inspiring inscriptions. Suggested Retail Price $6.50-$7.99 each

Fresh new sayings for today!

Carry a message of wisdom as you walk your life’s path.

We all need gentle messages of the power within us. We’re thrilled to share these with you: very timely and all-new messages, to keep us motivated, inspired, and moving forward. Let us know which saying is your favorite. Twelve inspiring inscriptions:

  • Only you know what is best for you
  • Resist that which your heart knows is wrong
  • Trust yourself most of all
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Be the creator of your own life
  • You are worthy of love and respect
  • Your inner strength supports you
  • Be thankful for being a woman
  • She conquers who endures
  • Respect and honor your values and ideals
  • Live with passion and intention
  • You are safe and protected

Item #s:
PW129: Goddess Wisdom Too Retail Pack. 36pc plus retail-ready refillable metal display box of heavy-duty powder-coated steel. 
PW130: Refill pack. 36pc.

Size 1.6″ tall, fine American pewter, Proudly Handcrafted in USA.