Persephone's Pomegranate- Seeds of Wisdom

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Short description:
Blessings for your path: Carry a little reminder of your spark & spirit! Beautiful pomegranate blessings with powerful messages on the back. Sale Bundle: Details below. Sugg.Retail $6.50-$7.99ea

People Are Loving These Blessings!

During the holidays I was gifted a bag of Pomegranate shaped “Seeds of Wisdom”. It was perfect timing, as I’d just returned from my trip to see Hadestown. Yesterday I pulled my first. Today, my second. A daily reminder, a bit of hope, a moment of gratitude. ? 

Carry a blessing to brighten your path

We're excited to announce: Persephone's Pomegranate - Seeds of Wisdom, by Deva Designs! We've been working on these amazing new charms for SO LONG and we love them SO MUCH and we are VERY EXCITED to share them with you!

Inspired by the tales of Persephone's journey to the Underworld and re-emergence each Springtime, these beautiful and meaningful charms hold powerful inscriptions on the back to remind you of your courage and confidence.  

We know that many of us -- myself included! -- are digging deep for the energy to greet each new day with all the grace and wisdom possible. These blessing charm inscriptions are deeply meaningful to me right now, and I know your customers will love them. Savings bundle includes Moon & Stars charms for double the blessings! 

Item#s and Descriptions:
Item PW144P: Sale Bundle. 73 pc includes Pomegranate 36pc, 1 Pomegranates Retail Display Box, and 36pc Moon & Stars Blessings. 
Item PW144: Pomegranates Retail Pack. Includes 36 blessing charms (12 different inscriptions), plus a retail-ready refillable metal display box of durable heavy-duty powder-coated steel.
Item  PW145: Pomegranates refill. 36pc.

The 12 inscriptions: 

  • Spring Always Comes
  • Be Brave & Curious
  • Know Your Power
  • Love Fearlessly
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Be Who You Are
  • Your Story's Not Over
  • Make Your Own Path
  • Embrace the Adventure
  • Trust Your Growth
  • You Are Strong
  • Let Your Magic Shine

Who is Persephone?

The story of Persephone comes to us from the Greek. Persephone is a powerful goddess of springtime, death and rebirth, and Nature. She is abducted by Hades to the Underworld, and while there, eats seeds of a pomegranate fruit, compelling her to remain there for part of the year. The grief of her mother, Demeter, at the absence of her beloved daughter, is said to be the cause of the cold dormancy of Wintertide. Some modern re-tellings suggest that Persephone chooses to make her journey to the Underworld, where she rules as Queen of that realm, and then chooses to re-emerge in the Springtime. 

We have long loved the tales of Persephone. Her story is one of the great mysteries that speak to the heart of seekers everywhere. We have created these pomegranate pocket charms, with 12 messages inspired by her journeys, as powerful touchstones to meet each day's challenges.   

From Our Retailers:

"I'm definitely ordering these -- People lately are OBSESSED with Persephone!" - B.L.

"LOVE the Persephone’s Pomegranates! Please ship me a set." -M.M.

"I HAVE to have a set of the Persephone charms, so excited!"  -C.O.

"Wow. I love this!" -A.D.

"Congratulations on another great product!" -C.N.

"These look REALLY beautiful!" -J.


Created for you with joy by Deva Designs. Coin size approx 1.2". Fine American pewter, 100% lead free. Handcrafted in USA. A Deva Designs Original.