When Customers Ask "What Do You Have for Guys?"

When Customers Ask "What Do You Have for Guys?"

17th May 2021

Best Selling Jewelry & Gifts for Men

Late spring through mid-summer is the second busiest time of year when it comes to buying gifts for men. Whether your customers are searching for the perfect present for Dad, a new Grad, a favorite teacher or mentor, or a romantic partner, you want to be able to steer them in the right direction.

That's why we're sharing with you this week our Top Five Best Selling Jewelry and Gift Items for Men:

#1 - Thor's Hammer - (pictured above) A new rugged take on an ancient symbol, the Thor's Hammer is symbolic of protection and strength. Also a big hit with fans of the Marvel movies.

#2 - Celtic Strength Pendants - (pictured above) Without a doubt, the Celtic Bear is the top seller in this collection - but plenty of guys love the Celtic Wolf as well. Fine pewter pendants are roughly 1 3/4" tall and carry affirming messages on the back.

#3 - Treasure Boxes - Men have their share of small treasures and they love to carry things in their pockets. Keep things safe and secure in stainless steel treasure boxes with handbuilt wood inserts. Six strong styles, including Triquetra, Tree of Life, and Celtic Wolf.

#4 - The Resilience Pendant - (pictured above) Ideal for First Responders, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, Soldiers, Health Care Workers or anyone else who puts their lives on the line to help others, the Resilience Pendant features a protective Viking Rune on one side and a Celtic Shield Knot on the other. Very powerful piece.

#5 - Viking Rune Sets - (pictured below) New and Popular! Hand crafted in natural wood, 24 piece Viking Rune set can be used to clear the mind, access guidance, and make smart decisions. Comes with black velvet carry pouch and quick reference guide.

Not sure if a particular product is right for your store? Deva Designs is here to help you be successful. We have no minimum order requirement - try a single piece, if that's what works for you - and our Stay Sparkling Guarantee means if your customers don't love a line, we'll be happy to swap it out for something that does work in your market!