Oak Rune Set

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Short Description:
Oak Runes 25pc , with velvet bag and Runes Quick Reference card. Choose 6-set Retail Pack or Individual set.
You asked... Here they are! Each set of our new Oak Runes includes 25 oak runes cut from 1/4" oak, presented in a velvet bag with a Runes Quick Reference card. Perfect for all those seeking answers from their intuition.  
Important for Retailers: Add this quick-selling rune sets to your divination tools section.  Suggested Retail $20 per set.
NEW: Now with a blank rune for those who use it, or who appreciate having a spare!

Wholesale Item #s:

ROR: Runes Oak Display Pack, 6 units 
R2: Runes Oak 1 unit (25pc with velvet bag & info card) 

Made in our Sedona, Arizona studio. 


Sacred Symbols, A Note from Deva Designs: Traditional Celtic & Viking symbols have a deep history & meaning. We condemn any attempts to hijack these sacred symbols to advance hatred & racism. We stand for love, justice, diversity, inclusivity, intersectionality, and honoring all people.