Resilience Pendant

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Short Description:
Wear a Bindrune for Resilience. A gorgeous reversible necklace for Strength, Protection, Resilience, Victory. Suggested Retail Price $20 each

Wear a Bindrune for Resilience. A gorgeous reversible pendant for Strength-Protection-Resilience-Victory.

Item #s:
RP: Resilience Pendants Pack. 12 necklaces, each with info card. 
R1: Individual pendant 1pc with info card. 

These are the perfect talisman to invoke good things for your customers. One side features the classic Celtic Shield Knot – the traditional symbol of protection and strength – while the other side has a Viking Bindrune we crafted to embody the qualities of strength, victory, protection and resilience. The runes incorporated in the bindrune are:

  • Uruz for strength and determination
  • Algiz for protection
  • Eihwaz for resilience
  • Wunjo for victory, joy, and gratitude

And -- if you want to keep your rune message to yourself -- then you can wear it with the Celtic Shield Knot design facing outward. 

Thank you for checking out the new Resilience Pendant. It’s a design created specifically for this moment, with a message that will nurture and support your customers for all time.  We hope you love it as much as we do.

Details: Designed by Designed by Bob Heiney – Micki’s son & Suzie's husband – this absolutely stunning is a double-sided combination of the Celtic & Viking style he’s known for. Reversible Pendant size 1" wide, fine American pewter, 100% lead free, handcrafted in USA. Each presented on a gorgeous stainless steel chain. Each pendant comes with a green Celtic Knot Works information card explaining the Bindrune.