Ted Andrews Animal-Speak Charms

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Short Description:
Our Top Selling Charms! Let the animals whisper messages to your heart. Pewter animal keepsake charms with empowering inscriptions. SRP $8.50 each

Let the animals whisper messages to your heart. Beautiful animal keepsake charms with messages on the back. A perfect companion to the books by Ted Andrews.

Size: Approx. 1¼" diameter. Fine pewter - lead free - Proudly handcrafted in USA.

Item PW20: Animal-Speak Charms Pack. 27 pewter charms (1 of each animal), each with one of 27 sayings on the back, plus a durable refillable metal retail display box of heavy-duty powder-coated steel.
Item PW21: Animal-Speak Refill Pack. 27 pewter charms.
Item PW24: Wolf Pack. 6 extra wolf charms.
Item PW25: Owl Pack. 6 extra owl charms.
Item PW26: Raven Pack. 6 extra raven charms.
Item PW27: Turtle Pack. 6 extra turtle charms.
Item PW28: Elephant Pack. 6 extra elephant charms.
Item PW29: Eagle Pack. 6 extra eagle charms.
Item PW30: Fox Pack. 6 extra fox charms.

The 27 animals, along with saying on back:

  • Bear - Draw upon your inner strength and potentials
  • Buffalo - Balance brings abundance & blessings
  • Butterfly - Good luck and new birth are at hand
  • Deer - Time to move gently into new realms & pursuits
  • Dolphin - Have fun with new creative expressions
  • Eagle - Time of great healing, vision and spirit contact
  • Horse - Journeys & movement into new wonders
  • Hummingbird - Dream is fulfilled. You can accomplish the impossible
  • Owl - Spirit is close. Trust guidance & visions
  • Raven - Not all is what it seems. Magic & shapeshiftings around you
  • Snake - Time of healing & transformation. Focus on new birth
  • Turtle - Patience. Trust in Mother Earth. Success will come
  • Wolf - Trust your intuition. Protection & guidance are present
  • Condor - Time to take action. Your spirit will soar to new heights.
  • Peacock - Protection surrounds you in this time of resurrection and rebirth.
  • Swan - New dreams, realms, and possibilities are opening to you now.
  • Woodpecker - Follow your own unique rhythms for the greatest success.
  • Cougar - You are coming into your own power. Embrace it.
  • Elephant - Ancient powers are at work. Karma and justice will unfold.
  • Fox - Blessings and magic are afoot. Adventure is ahead.
  • Jaguar - Great magic and shapeshifting are at hand. Reclaim what you have lost.
  • Lynx - Hidden is visible to you now. Trust your own perceptions.
  • Otter - A little mischief and fun is good for the heart. Imagine and play.
  • Rabbit - Fertile signs abound. Take the leap into new creative realms.
  • Tiger - Your passion and power will expand. Expect new adventures.
  • Ladybug - A wish will come true. Pursue new opportunities.
  • Spider - Creativity abounds. You have the power to weave your fate.

By popular request, we're slimming down the Animal-Speak set to 27 pieces. We're releasing the Skunk (Be assertive. Honor & keep your boundaries), Manatee (A gentle heart will open new realms. Trust your senses), and Frog (Fertile time at hand. Initiate new beginnings) from the set, while continuing to honor the messages they speak!

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