Aspects of the Goddess 9pc

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Short Description:
Beautiful goddess statuettes on gorgeous banded golden-red sandstone. 9pc assortment.

Beautiful goddess figures on gorgeous golden-hued sandstone.

We know you've been waiting for these beautiful goddesses, and we are very excited to bring them back to you! After a long search, we've found some new amazing stone for these popular figurines: Northern Arizona sandstone, cut just for us at a local quarry. And is it ever gorgeous: Soft waves of rosy copper, golden honey, and Sedona sunset red accent the goddesses perfectly. The patterns in the sandstone are natural, made by water, wind, and time. Fine pewter and Northern Arizona sandstone, 2.5" tall. Proudly handcrafted in the USA.

Item PW112 – Aspects of the Goddess 9pc Assortment (3ea of 3 styles)

The goddess figures:

  • Crescent Moon goddess - Protection. Love. Strength. The Crescent Moon goddess represents a woman’s strong connection with the moon, night-time, mystery, and magickal power. The cycles of a woman’s life are closely connected with the phases of the moon -- from full, to waning, new, waxing, and returning to full.
  • Nile goddess - Healing. Grounding. Wisdom. Our Nile goddess is modeled after a simple and easily recognizable Goddess symbol that comes from Egypt. She stands with Her arms raised in a gesture of joyful blessings, drawing down the transformative energies of the Moon.
  • Spiral goddess  - Abundance. Prosperity. Creativity. The Spiral, linked to the circle, is an ancient symbol of the goddess, continual change, and the evolution of the universe. The spiral is probably the oldest symbol of the human spirituality, and has been found at pre-historic sites across the world.

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"I got the little statues today. They are awesome!" -C.O.  
"They are lovely! We really love your things, and we look forward to getting it." -L.A.  
"Those are beautiful!" -D.K.  
"I just got my little goddesses and I love them!" -S.M.


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