The Most Sacred of Trees

30th Mar 2021

Behold the Oak: The Most Sacred Tree

In a Sacred Grove, you have to have an Oak tree. Revered since ancient times, the Oak provides food for people and animals alike. In some areas, acorns are sweeter and larger than those that may grow where you live: you can, if you'd like to, eat them right off of the tree. The wood from the Oak is sturdy, strong, and long lasting. When immigrants from the Celtic lands arrived in North America, they found the Oak tree here already, waiting for them.

When creating the Oak pendant for The Sacred Grove collection, the elegant precision of La Tène designs really inspired me. Everything about La Tène design is deliberate and sophisticated: they created elegant, balanced, asymmetrical motifs that capture the wild energy of the universe.

The Oak is sacred to Druids - they considered it to hold the highest rank in the hierarchy of trees - and it is with them in mind that the inscription message "let your spirit unfurl" was chosen.