The Celestial Pendant Inspired by a Sister's Love

The Celestial Pendant Inspired by a Sister's Love

16th Mar 2021

The Moon Is Never The Same Twice - But For Once, It's Correct!

Creating The Sacred Grove collection has been an intensely personal project for me, and that's especially true when it comes to the moon pendant. My sister is a scientist - specifically, an astronomer - and over the years, we've had plenty of conversations about how the classic "mystical" crescent moon design isn't reflective of how the moon actually looks.

Well, this was my opportunity to correct that situation. The Sacred Grove Moon pendant has astronomically-correct proportions - the crescent is longer, with a more subtle curvature - and La Tène inspired detailing on the front that evokes the moon's constantly changing face. It's a beautiful pendant that I'm happy to say is science-inspired, sister approved.

On the back of the Sacred Grove Moon pendant, the inscription reads 'magick & wonder'. The moon provides both, in equal measure, for both the mystic and the scientist. The Sacred Grove collection is all about celebrating our connection to nature and the sacred beauty of the world. 

Early reaction to this new line has been very encouraging - people are eagerly embracing optimistic, uplifting messages wherever they can find them. Shop The Sacred Grove Collection