​A Guiding Light: New Star Pendant

​A Guiding Light: New Star Pendant

21st Mar 2021

Throughout our lives, we're on a journey with wisdom. When we're younger, the focus may be on acquiring wisdom. A little later comes the point where we learn to trust the wisdom we have. This can be a process. Sometimes we need reminders of our capacity to be our own guiding light.

The Star Pendant really embodies that message of trusting your wisdom for me. The inscription reads "your spirit knows the way", with a small star symbol. On the other side, graceful whirling spirals hint at the birth of galaxies and the mysteries of space.

The Star pendant is part of The Sacred Grove collection, which is available in a special bundle package with Tree of Life blessing charms right now. 

Happy Equinox to You

It's wonderful to see the first signs of spring arriving - although we've still had a little bit of snow outside of our Sedona studio! Perhaps the warming rays of the sun will show up just as you're reading this. Just wanted to add some words of encouragement and support to you. Consumer confidence seems to be rising with the vaccine rollouts, and it's good news to have customers getting out & about again. After a long, tough year, this equinox brings with it hopes for brightening days.

Thank you for taking the time to read this & for everything you do.