Micki's Magic

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Short description:
Brighten someone's day! Each bag is full of blessings to bring a smile to your day.

To Brighten Your Day 

To honor & celebrate the life of Deva Designs' beloved founder Micki Baumann, we are making available the pouches she would give to people she encountered throughout her day. Each pouch of pewter charms is filled with blessings and uplifting sayings to make you smile. 

For Micki, these pewter charm pouches were an act of kindness: whenever somebody would help her, be kind to her, or even simply look friendly, she'd pull out one of these packs out of her purse, and each person felt touched to receive one. 

These beautiful heart-shaped pouches are filled with some of Micki's favorites. Each includes:

  • 3 regular charms (such as Goddess Wisdom, Dragon Wisdom, and Moon & Stars Blessings)
  • 3 small charms (such as Tiny Hearts, Bits of Strength, and Wish Stars)
  • A little colorful butterfly (a symbol of joy)
  • A super-cute tiny crystal
Deva Designs exists because Micki wanted everyone to have something to hold onto during tough times. Her designs have comforted, encouraged, and uplifted so many. It is a blessing to continue this work. And we're continuing her tradition of these pouches that became so meaningful, to her and to all who received them.

Item PW140: Pouch of charms To Brighten Your Day: 1 pouch. 

Pouch size approx 3". The charms are Fine American pewter, 100% lead free.