A little Kindness

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Short Description:
Change the world with one act of kindness. Pewter heart charms with twelve gentle reminders to practice kindness every day. Suggested Retail Price $6.50-$7.99 each

Change the world with one act of kindness.

In our world today, kindness is more important than ever before. We share this new line with you, straight from our heart, to yours, and beyond. Thank you for helping us get these out into the world. A Signature Edition from Deva Designs. These are big and beautiful keepsakes: Size 1.25" wide, fine American pewter, Proudly Handcrafted in USA.

Twelve different gentle reminders to practice kindness every day:

  • Kindness leaves tracks
  • Believe in the magic of kindness
  • Kindness is contagious
  • Change the world with one act of kindness
  • Throw kindness around like confetti
  • Real kindness seeks no return
  • One of the greatest gifts is the gift of kindness
  • Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most
  • Leave footprints of kindness wherever you go
  • One kind word can make all the difference
  • Kindness is the root of all good things
  • Kindness changes lives, practice it daily

Item #s:
PW121: Kindness Retail Pack. 24pc, plus retail-ready refillable metal display box of heavy-duty powder-coated steel.
PW122: Refill pack. 24pc.

What customers are saying: 
"Great messages. I love them. I want both. (These, and Sisterhood of Women). Very good idea." -K.V. in Illinois
"Love them!" -M.E. in Maine
"They are beautiful, Micki! Another great Deva Design product!" -M.L. in Ontario

As featured in Gift Shop Magazine's Buyer's Guide for Spring 2017

Kindness Charms featured in Gift Shop Magazine