Eve's Heart Pendant

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Short Description:
OUT OF STOCK. Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

One pendant, three symbols:  Eve's Heart is a unique Sterling silver pendant that can be worn as three different symbols, thanks to several sleek hidden bails on the back of the piece. 

Each of the three symbols represents a special spiritual aspect of woman.   Size 7/8".  Presented on an informational card. Proudly handcrafted in USA. Chains are sold seperately.

  • Heart Path labyrinth is the heart connection between lovers, parents and children, and friends.
  • The Divine Feminine is a subtle reminder of the physical attributes that make women so divinely feminine.
  • The OM symbol helps connect to the center of one's being.

Item E30 - Eve's Heart Pendant. Coordinates perfectly with the Eve's Heart Earrings and Bracelet.

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As featured in Retailing Insight! "Customers can show their sweetheart three times the love with this unique pendant. The sterling silver heart can be rotated and worn three ways: as a heart-path labyrinth, a stylized om, or a symbol of the divine feminine." --Retailing Insight, January 2014

Eve's Heart Pendant featured in Retailing Insight

Gold Winner - Visionary Award for Iconic Jewelry, Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) (2018) Visionary Award Finalist - Jewelry; Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) (2011)

The Eve's Heart designs are inspired by "Discover Your Heart Path" / Eve Eschner Hogan, and are used with her gracious permission. www.heartpath.com