Healing Hearts: Pocket Edition 60pc

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Short Description:
Carry a little Healing in your Pocket. Powerful messages of healing for a friend or yourself. Gorgeous mini versions of the Healing Hearts you know and love, inspired by the music of Karen Drucker. Allow the healing to begin. Sugg.Ret.$2.99ea

Carry a little Healing in Your Pocket

Powerful messages of healing for a friend, or for yourself. A 60pc assortment of 6 different handcrafted hearts with 12  healing inscriptions. Inspired by the wonderfully inspiring and uplifting music of acclaimed singer-songwriter Karen Drucker. Allow the healing to begin.

Item# PW131: Pocket Edition Healing Hearts 60pc Pack & Display. 
Item# PW132: 60pc Refill.  

Founder's Note: 

The current situation definitely qualifies as a tough time – for everyone. I’ve felt called to do something to help encourage and inspire people. You’re probably familiar with our Healing Hearts. For 15 years now, they’ve been one of our best selling items because people need something to hold on to when they’re struggling and afraid. We’ve heard so many stories from people who have drawn comfort from their Healing Heart through health challenges and personal catastrophes. My very dear friend had one with her throughout her battle with cancer, keeping her strong until the moment when she left us for the light.

This is the nurturing, healing energy we want to put into the universe right now. For this reason, we’ve created the new Pocket Edition Healing Hearts. This set features mini versions of the Healing Hearts you know and love, with 12 uplifting affirmations – one on each side. They are perfectly suited to travelling in pockets, bags, and with people throughout their day.  We love them and think your customers will too. 

Here’s the part that’s especially important to you. We really appreciate how hard things are for retailers right now. The fact that you’ve hung in there is a testament to your determination and dedication to your customers. We’d like to help you continue taking care of them. That’s why I’ve personally underwritten the production of the Pocket Edition Healing Hearts. We will offer these at a reduced price as a way to say thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. 

You know your customers and what their needs are. With this favorable pricing, it is our hope that it will be easy to put the Pocket Edition Healing Hearts into the hands of the people who need them the most. Let’s get that positive nurturing energy out there!

Light to your path, peace to your journey –


Details: Handcrafted pewter hearts (3/4" wide) with inscriptions inspired by the beautiful and healing music of Karen Drucker. Presented for retail in a handy counter-top display approx 4"x4"x5". Handcrafted in the USA. 

I am healed and healthy / Health is my birthright  
Love surrounds me / Love flows through me
I am a blessing to the world / I am the face of love
Love lives in me / angels watch over me
I am so blessed / Peace fills my heart
I relax into the healing process / All is well

Karen Drucker is a singer, songwriter, retreat leader, author, comedienne, and a seeker. She creates music & messages to heal, inspire & empower. Learn more -- and order her healing music CDs and downloads -- at karendrucker.com