Golden Healer Pendulums 6pc

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Short Description:
Beautiful Golden Healer crystal pendulums with healing designs. Suggested Retail Price $24 each.

These natural Golden Healer pendulums are just so beautiful! We've fallen in love with their sunshiny healing energy. And your customers will too. 

We add our made-in-USA fine pewter designs, to create a gorgeous pendulum at a truly affordable price. 

The six Golden Healer designs are specially chosen to be healing and empowering:

  • Glastonbury Healing Well 
  • Goddess
  • Sunrise
  • The Star
  • The Sun
  • Spiral Goddess

All our pendulums are hand cut and polished from natural Brazilian stone.  We add our US made lead free pewter pieces to create a quality pendulum at a truly affordable price. Free Pendulum Display, with your first order of any 30+ pendulums! Please mention this offer when ordering.

Item GPB: Gemstone Pendulums Bundle. Includes 30 pendulums (Assortment includes golden healer, celtic, goddess, and more)
Item GHP: Golden Healer Pendulums.  Includes an assortment of 6 golden healer pendulums with pewter designs.

Size of pendulums: approx 3/4" to 1 1/2". Size of pewter component: approx 1 to 1 1/2".

What store buyers are saying: 

"The pendulums are just gorgeous!" -C.B.

"I received the pendulums - These are beautiful! I love your products." -A.S.

"LOVE the new pendulums!" - M.M.