Dragon Gemstone Pendants

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Short Description:
Dragon Wisdom -- Gorgeous necklaces with natural gemstones and powerful intentions. When you are bold enough to face a dragon, anything is possible. Chain included. Suggested Retail Price $30 each

Dragon Wisdom: Natural gemstones and powerful inscriptions.

Beautiful dragon pendants for Strength, Magic, and Dreams. Pendant size 1" wide, natural gemstones set in fine pewter, handcrafted in USA, each with a gorgeous Stainless Steel snake chain.

Artist's Note: I have a passion for Dragons, and I wanted to design empowering Dragon pieces for your customers, to boost strength in trying times. These are beautiful pendants, at prices you and your customers will love. Dragons have ignited the flame of imagination across time and across the globe. They appear in countless myths and legends, in cultures all around the world. These magnificent creatures are a powerful symbol of wisdom, prosperity, and courage. Bring the empowering treasures of the Dragon into your life: Strength, Dreams, and Magic. When you are bold enough to face a dragon, anything is possible. -- Micki

Item #s:
DRGP: Dragon Gemstone Pendants Pack. 12 pendants (3 styles).
DR5 Magic – with Labadorite 
DR6 Strength– with Amethyst
DR7 Dream Big - with Green Aventurine 

What store buyers are saying about our Dragon creations: 

"Photographs do NOT do these pieces justice." - L.D. in Texas

"I LOVE THESE!" - M.C. in Washington

"Wow, they are beautiful, Micki! Your talent & creativity for designing new products is amazing!" - M.L. in Ontario

"Oh my gosh, these are fantastic." - P.S. in Michigan

"They look wonderful! Thanks so much for letting us know. These are sure sellers!" - B.K. in Maine