Celtic Wings Necklaces

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Short Description:
Let Your Spirit Soar! Striking Pendants with intricate Celtic designs. Suggested Retail Price $20 each

Let Your Spirit Soar! Beautiful pendants with intricate Celtic designs. 

Includes Stainless Steel chain.  Size approx 1" tall.  Lead free pewter - Made in USA. Stylish for men and women.

Item #s: Name - Symbolic Meaning. Inscription.

CTW: Celtic Wings. 24pc Necklaces pack
CT7: Dragonfly - Joy.  Joy
CT11: Butterfly - Transformation. Spread your wings
CT13: Bat - Agility. (No inscription)
CT14: Owl - Wisdom. Let your wisdom guide you true
CT15: Raven - Intelligence. Speak your truth
CT16: Dragon - Magick. Here Be Dragons