Sisterhood of Women Necklaces

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Short Description:
Together, anything is possible. Pendants with 6 powerful new messages for today, each on a gorgeous Stainless Steel snake chain. Suggested Retail Price $20 each

Together, anything is possible.

Six powerful new messages for today. Each pendant is presented on a gorgeous Stainless Steel snake chain. Pendant size 1″ wide, fine American pewter, Proudly Handcrafted in USA.

Item #s:
SISP: Sisterhood of Women Necklaces Display Pack. 24 necklaces (six styles) 
SISR: Refill pack. 24 necklaces.
SIS1: Higher Necklace. Inscription: Surround yourself with women who will lift you higher
SIS2: Tribe Necklace. Inscription: Find your tribe and love them fiercely. SOLD OUT
SIS3: Together Necklace. Inscription: Individually we are but a drop. Together we are an ocean
SIS4: Heal Necklace. Inscription: Every woman who heals herself helps heal the world
SIS5: Action Necklace. Inscription: Action is the antidote to despair
SIS6: Strong Necklace. Inscription: A strong woman stands up for others

Available in quantity for retreats, women’s groups, graduations, events, workshops, and conferences. Please contact us at 1-800-799-8308, thank you!