Share Packs - Love - Strength - Success

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Short Description:
Ready-to-Share bags of charms, ready for gift-giving. Instant easy way to show you care. 3 styles: LOVE - 10 tiny hearts; STRENGTH - 10 mighty acorns; SUCCESS - 10 lucky clovers. Suggested Retail Price $24 per 10pc pouch

Even during the toughest times, some people are called to help... to heal... to nurture, protect, and encourage. The brand new Share Pack Pewter Charms have been designed for these individuals. Each colorful organza bag contains 10 Deva Designs handcast pewter charms, each with an encouraging message. The perfect sentiments, to keep & to share.

Important for Retailers: You asked, and here they are: Adorable ready-to-share charm pouches! These all-in-one packs are ideal for in-store sales and for listing on your web store. Suggested Retail $15-$20 per pouch.

In three styles:

Share the Love -- 10 tiny hearts to make someone feel special & appreciated. Inscriptions: U R loved, Love you, I ❤ you, Joy, U R great, *hug*, Shine, Breathe, XOXO, Love.

Share the Luck -- 10 lucky clovers for Success, to encourage & support. Inscriptions: Joy, Courage, Dreams, Hope, Friends, Health, Love, Success, Journey, Luck.

Share the Strength -- 10 mighty acorns to brighten their day. Inscriptions: Fearless, Follow your path, Begin, Start Small, Love Live Grow, Grow awesome, Be inspired, Grow abundance, Be-Leaf, Stand strong.

Wholesale Item #s for the Share Pack Pewter Charms:
SPA: Share Packs 24 units & Display 
SPB: Share Packs 12 units & Display
SPR: Share Packs 12 units refill
SP1: Love individual unit
SP2: Luck individual unit
SP3: Strength individual unit

Pewter charms approx 5/8" wide, fine American pewter, 100% lead free, Handcrafted in USA. Each presented in a colorful organza pouch approx 3"x3" with storycard.