'I Am Strong Because' Pendants

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Short Description:
When your spirit is strong, anything is possible. Six pendants, with empowering inscriptions to remind you of your inner strength. Suggested Retail Price $20 each

"I am strong because..." When your spirit is strong, anything is possible.

New! We created these new pendants to celebrate YOU, and ALL the strong women we know. A while back, we asked you all to complete the sentence, "I am strong because..."  The beautiful pendants are now here, with six great inscriptions. Wear a reminder of your amazing strength every day.  Gorgeous Stainless Steel snake chain included!

Six inscriptions:

  • I am strong because I trust my intuition
  • I am strong because I am a survivor
  • I am strong because I am a warrior
  • I am strong because I am a woman
  • I am strong because there is no other choice
  • I am strong because I refuse to give up

Item #s:

ISP: Inner Strength Pendants Display Pack. Includes Inner Strength 24pc plus Display 
ISR: Inner Strength Pendants refill. 24pc
IS1: 'I trust my intuition' 1pc
IS2: 'I am a survivor' 1pc
IS3: 'I am a warrior' 1pc
IS4: 'I am a woman' 1pc
IS5: 'There is no other choice' 1pc
IS6: 'I refuse to give up' 1pc

Size 1" wide, fine American pewter, presented on a gorgeous 18" Stainless Steel snake chain. These pendants are proudly Handcrafted in USA.

What customers are saying: 

"Yay! So exciting!" -N.B. in Arizona

"Sold one of the new pendants within five minutes of putting them out!!" -S.M. in Florida

Editor's Pick for 2019 - Gift Shop Magazine, Winter 2019

Coalition of Visionary Resources’ Visionary Award Winner: Gold Winner, Metal Jewelry