'I Am Strong Because' Pendants

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Short Description:
When your spirit is strong, anything is possible. Six pendants, with empowering inscriptions to remind you of your inner strength.

"I am strong because..." When your spirit is strong, anything is possible.

New! We created these new pendants to celebrate YOU, and ALL the strong women we know. A while back, we asked you all to complete the sentence, "I am strong because..."  The beautiful pendants are now here, with six great inscriptions. Wear a reminder of your amazing strength every day.  Gorgeous Stainless Steel snake chain included!

Six inscriptions:

  • I am strong because I trust my intuition
  • I am strong because I am a survivor
  • I am strong because I am a warrior
  • I am strong because I am a woman
  • I am strong because there is no other choice
  • I am strong because I refuse to give up

Item #s:

ISP: Inner Strength Pendants Display Pack. Includes Inner Strength 24pc plus Display 
ISR: Inner Strength Pendants refill. 24pc
IS1: 'I trust my intuition' 1pc
IS2: 'I am a survivor' 1pc
IS3: 'I am a warrior' 1pc
IS4: 'I am a woman' 1pc
IS5: 'There is no other choice' 1pc
IS6: 'I refuse to give up' 1pc

Size 1" wide, fine American pewter, presented on a gorgeous 18" Stainless Steel snake chain. These pendants are proudly Handcrafted in USA.

What customers are saying: 

"Yay! So exciting!" -N.B. in Arizona

"Sold one of the new pendants within five minutes of putting them out!!" -S.M. in Florida

Editor's Pick for 2019 - Gift Shop Magazine, Winter 2019

Coalition of Visionary Resources’ Visionary Award Winner: Gold Winner, Metal Jewelry